Luminous Red Charge Inverter Battery

Looking for Luminous Red Charge 18000 inverter battery ? But do you know which kind of battery is suitable for you. Well, we can help you regarding that. We have got all the things regarding this Luminous RC 18000 inverter battery. We will also tell you that this product is suitable for what kind of people.

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Luminous Red Charge Inverter Battery

The LUMINOUS Red Charge 18000 inverter battery comes up with some very intresting features. This inverter battery comes up with tubular plates which are the best plates for inverter batteries out there in the market.

This inverter battery requires a very low maintenence so that you don’t have to worry. The company has not compromised on the performance and quality of this inverter battery. If you are suffering from frequent power cuts in your area then this can be the best inverter battery for your home and family as this battery comes up with all the power ranges which are available out there in the market. The dimension of this inverter battery is ( 15.2*19.1*41.2 )cm. The weight of this battery is 53.3 kg when filled completely. This inverter battery is also comes up with a warranty of 36 months so you will get a better after sale service.


  1. This Luminous Red Charge battery comes up with the tubular plates.
  2. It requires low maintenece.
  3. The weight and the dimesnion of this battery is 53.3 kg and ( 15.2*19.1*41.2 ) cm respectively.
  4. It has a warranty of 36 months.


  • It has tubular plates.
  • It is best suitable for those area where power cuts are frequent and for long time.
  • Requires very low maintenence.
  • Delivers very high power.


  • There is no fast charging technology in this battery.


So, these are all the positives and negatives things in this Luminious Red Charge inverter battery. We hope that you have got the idea about the nature of this battery. Lumionous is a big brand and if you will buy the branded product you will also get the best after sale servce possible.

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